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I have not been home to do posts. After I arrived home, my internet was working too slow to do anything other than read wordpress if I could sign in.

I would like to remain positive even through some bad stuff going on with people I love. Cancer sucks, getting old AND decrepit sucks.

I want to be old and strong and agile….even if only half of me.

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Easily Mixed Up Nut   Leave a comment

IMG_0368I am calling myself confused. I knew my timeline was mixed up, but I thought it was about days past not the present so much. I thought yesterday was the day I was leaving for a road trip. For some reason I looked at the date on my computer (it requires clicking on it) and huh or duh it was only the 9th. I swear it was the 10th, to make sure I was wrong about what day I was leaving I had to consult someone. Part two of the confusion is when I stared into the closed store window wondering why the door was locked. I thought maybe they suddenly closed up shop. I peered in to make sure there was product on the shelf. I then looked for their hours sign that was moved from the door to their window. I still could not figure out why they closed one hour early until I was driving home and it hit me it was Saturday not Friday. I swore to myself in the car. I then swore again for it being the only “store” near where I live and it had to close so early. I had an extra day in my week and I still can not get my act together. I swear I am of sound and stable mind, just my timeline gets so confused. Everyone else thinks I am squirrely.

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IMG_0363I am not a photographer for a reason. My eyesight is too out of focus. My pictures are “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”. (can you tell I have seen Forest Gump over and over recently)

I read this other blog of a single women writer that quit her day job to just be a homesteader/writer. She started a kickstarter for her first novel, she has already published several non-fiction books. If I was rich, or soon to become rich I would back her. Her name is Jenna Woginrich, her blog is If you check it out and can afford to support her, “that would be great”. (another movie quote from Office Space)

I need to get ready for a road trip, I hope to get many great pics. I have to check my garden and finish mowing my lawn. If you ever get a rechargeable lawnmower, a backup battery would be helpful. I can not do my whole lawn with one charge.

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Sailor’s Delight   Leave a comment

IMG_0365I did not get a good in focus shot of this gorgeous sunset. This is across the street of the hospital in Saranac Lake. I was visiting my mother, she just had shoulder replacement surgery. She is now full of metal and plastic, but hopefully out of pain.


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I wore sandals today!   Leave a comment

No pic, but I enjoyed them…I did not trip even when the stroke foot acted up. I believe it has been two years since I tried to wear them. They are sporty kind of like teva, they velcro shut so I can get them on by myself. I can also make them snug so they don’t fall off my stroke foot. I feel like I wore designer high heels compared to the ratty old slippers or grass stained sneaks. Now, I need to find comfy but affordable combat boots I can get on and off by myself to wear in the winter.

I am out of nail polish so I could not paint my toenails….bummer. I guess I used it all to paint my gnomies.

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I made the smallest dent   Leave a comment

My hoarder hole house now has one trunk load less of “stuff”. I was wiped out tired, and wanted to nap, but I pushed through and carried my bags O’goodies out to the car. One bag broke and a tea cup broke….which is why I am no longer selling glass or breakable stuff again. I still have lots of cleaning to do this week.

I was so tired I did not even water my garden. I drove very badly, swerving and drifting to avoid arm cramps. My car must be out of alignment it does not stay straight. I knew I had to concentrate so I did and drove right home instead of stopping at the store. I was starving, and craving ice cream. Lucky for my diet, I have none left at home. I ate pbj, and since I washed dishes this morning I only have a few utensils to wash tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hope to make a difference in my house if I wake up refreshed.

There are geese in the lower left side of my pic. This was a few days ago, in July….these Canada geese must be NY geese



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Makeup Post   Leave a comment

IMG_0357Since I was slacking for awhile, I thought I would make up for it a little bit with two posts today.

I have the same general problems as I have in the winter, except I don’t feel depressed! I don’t even care what is happening or not happening when I have green stuff growing in view. I also have the cutest granddaughter sprouting faster than a weed. My house is still a mess, it takes too much out of me to mow my stinking lawn. It takes a few days out of every week as my major project for the day. I don’t mind it too much, it is my exercise. It also is better than shoveling snow. I also am planning on expanding more raised gardens and ┬áplant my trees, bushes, ferns, and perennials so I have much less to mow next year.

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