Another Video of Smitty, this time with kitty   1 comment

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Live while you are alive   3 comments

Please watch this video of my nephew, in memory as he fell today to his death, at 22. We have to live while we are alive.

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Running to Get More Printer Ink   Leave a comment

It has warned me it was low, but my funds were even lower. Now I have the choice to pay gas money and quarters to print out my Ebay labels or dredge up the $20 for a new ink cartridge. I took all morning to weigh the pros and cons, and am gambling that buying a new ink cartridge will pay off soon enough so I don’t starve.

I made another $5 from a facebook site sale this morning. It was supposed to happen Sunday, because I was nice and gave the same woman a few more chances to come pick it up while others were interested in buying it. It went to the second lady. I am not sure I am going to post things on facebook for sale again. Now if only my 30 pound antique typewriter would sell locally and soon, it would pay for my printer ink.

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The Universe Smiled Down On Me   Leave a comment

It lightly burned my nose, it feels good. Tomorrow I will ask the Universe for more, make it rain, I am not a stripper but could use the 50s and 100s. Or rain down more sunshine to burn out the darkness in my soul.

On another note, I need to start trying to walk everyday again. I have been puttering around my yard and calling that my exercise, but it is not the same as a brisk walk. I restacked what I called a birdbath tower, only to realize later “totem” was the word I was looking for. It fell down yesterday, I added a plate in the middle for stability. According to pinterest I should be adding adhesive, but I make my own instructions and just stack various pots and now a plate. If I wash out the birdbath I will try to remember to get a picture. It is not spectacular, but it is different and that is my style.IMG_9253

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Nothing Better Than A Nice Day   Leave a comment

Except to be followed by several more nice days. I also scored some free stuff from craigslist. I have two sets of cross country skis with poles. I will have to figure out if I will need new boots and bindings and if I can even moved my paralyzed leg enough to ski, but I have all summer and fall to figure it out. Meanwhile they will be added to my collection of “stuff” behind the shed. I also acquired a camping grill, that I will salvage the grate out of to make my own brick stacked outdoor cookery (yes I make the names up myself). I also picked up two things to sell on Ebay. I will work a bit on Ebay sales even though I want to do all gardening tasks. I have started three more “bottles” of seeds today. I cleaned up most of the sticks that fell from the trees. I picked up my pitiful gnomies and put them on the table. I picked up some broken pottery. I restacked my pot “tower” bird bath, and moved one of my bowling balls closer to the house since the neighbor kid knocked it off its base. I picked up some garbage that blew into my yard. I planted a $3 rose bush that I splurged on for myself. If it does not grow, I am returning it, since the same store sold me a dead holly plant awhile back. I also took my dog for a run on the way back from the craigslist run. She did not run much, she is so out of shape.

Tomorrow my goal is to drag my son outside. I might have to ban the electronics and games until he takes a bike ride or something. He has over a week off school. His room needs to be overhauled.

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Only Positive On A Nice Day   Leave a comment

Of course everything was not perfect, but since I tend to forget things anyway I will choose to forget the negative today. It was so sunny, so warm, so windy, so much of the weather I love. I did stuff even though I am still not feeling 100%. I took my garbage and recyclables to the transfer station. I picked up dog food at the store, a big heavy bag that lasts a month. I stopped at Aldis and another grocery store. I stopped at Staples for my free with rebate paper. ¬†Funny, how once you get something free you never want to pay for it again. You really do pay for it when you buy the printer ink. You pay enough for the printer ink to pay the cashiers salary. At least I had a competent cashier today that knew how to make the coupon work. I found another penny heads up. I picked it up, I did not have any pockets to put it in. I am not sure where it is now. I have been finding many heads up pennies lately. Yes, I am superstitious. Why? because as Michael said on “The Office” I am not littlestitious (or something like that). I planted some more seeds. I did one whole egg carton of coleus. It is very shady in front of my house and the coleus I bought really looked good there. Of course they were in pots. I also planted another egg carton with half peppers half tomatoes. The other pepper and tomato seeds I started earlier are not looking too promising. All my seed starting looks like it stalled. I don’t know what I expected in my cold house, but I will keep trying. I know egg cartons are small so I used some bigger bottles to plant peppers and tomatoes in as well. Everything is on the same kitchen counter.

I also listed more on Ebay, my goal this month is to make enough to get by until next month. I might have better luck picking up pennies.

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Hit the Wall Today   Leave a comment

I woke up late, too late to make my plans with others today. I don’t know if it was subconscious, but even after another nap I feel tired and my body aches. I took an extra baby aspirin. I already take plenty of meds. I feel like I crammed too much in the last few days trying to walk everyday and shop and do housework, and make a few extra bucks on Ebay. The trying to sell stuff is important as I learned the last few weeks without a good selection of food or money to buy it is not fun after a few days.

I will go back to my positive posts tomorrow, it is supposed to reach over 60 degrees. It was not too bad today, over 40 and not too rainy. I never made it out of the house, I only opened the door to let the dog out.

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