pictures of my day

Rogue Sunflowers, Late Bloomers
super small shrunken heads

Most of my day was spent sorting medical bills and paperwork. Filling out forms, making phone calls (at least leaving messages that never got returned), then filing said bills with my one hand that works.  I took a short walk, short because I forgot to put my brace on.  That required every step I took with my left to concentrate on not dragging the foot, then placing flat down securely as to not twist my ankle and fall.  I am fortunate not to have fallen in the past few months, the memory of the pain from last time still haunts me.  Along with the threat of a blood clot forming, or a broken arm or leg bone to set my progress back further still.  Another thing that takes the pleasure out of my walk, besides having to move slowly, is not being able to look around at the houses, landscaping, leaves changing, clouds in the sky.  Yes, I can stop and look around if I wanted, but it is not the same.  I can not let my mind wander too far from not dragging foot, place firmly on ground, stay balanced, don’t slip on the stones, don’t twist your ankle in that crack in the road.

Jumping in to Something New

This is my first ever attempt at blogging!  I  might not have needed to express that, but I feel that it parallels my life.  I am doing what I can, as I can, and hope it gets easier, polished, and more intelligent and fulfilling as I go along.  Who will follow along? Everyone is invited, even the haters.  What will you be following?  Me, improving my life.  Watching as I physically and mentally recover from my stroke.  Sharing my quirky look at everyday happenings.  Sharing my snippets of Art that I see in architecture and nature.  Follow along as I struggle to change the opinions of others, so everyone wants to save the world and humanity as I do.

I won’t write my life story in my first post, but hopefully piece it all together as time goes on.  Speaking of time, it is funny  lately that I think occasionally throughout the day I have limited time left.   I have not accomplished the legacy that I intend to leave.  I have not corrected what I feel I have done wrong in the past.  I am consumed with guilt of not exercising, laughing, or teaching enough.  All the missed opportunities start to haunt me, and I am struggling to get buy one more day.