Jumping in to Something New

This is my first ever attempt at blogging!  I  might not have needed to express that, but I feel that it parallels my life.  I am doing what I can, as I can, and hope it gets easier, polished, and more intelligent and fulfilling as I go along.  Who will follow along? Everyone is invited, even the haters.  What will you be following?  Me, improving my life.  Watching as I physically and mentally recover from my stroke.  Sharing my quirky look at everyday happenings.  Sharing my snippets of Art that I see in architecture and nature.  Follow along as I struggle to change the opinions of others, so everyone wants to save the world and humanity as I do.

I won’t write my life story in my first post, but hopefully piece it all together as time goes on.  Speaking of time, it is funny  lately that I think occasionally throughout the day I have limited time left.   I have not accomplished the legacy that I intend to leave.  I have not corrected what I feel I have done wrong in the past.  I am consumed with guilt of not exercising, laughing, or teaching enough.  All the missed opportunities start to haunt me, and I am struggling to get buy one more day.

2 thoughts on “Jumping in to Something New

    • i am trying to do the post a day, but def not ready for a novel by nov……feeling techno deficient just trying to post, and put more than one picture on per day

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