the changes in the world

"stuff" growing on trees in the Adirondacks

While moving from Pennsylvania up to the Adirondacks in June of this year, I noticed what appeared to be rounded globs on the dead trees along the roadside. Seeing dead trees around here is nothing new. If the acid rain or pine beetle is the initial cause of death is being studied by paid scientists. I am merely a casual observer. This is the first year I have seen these lichen like masses taking over the further decay of the trees. Will this prevent or enhance future forest fires? Will it promote faster decay of the old dead trees, making way for new more pollution resistant varieties to flourish? I want to be optimistic and say the trees won. We can bulldoze them down, but they will come back. I am suddenly reminded of the movie “Wall-E”, I love that movie. The best part is the reference to the clueless, lazy humans obsessed with consumerism. Not a far cry from reality today.

Jumping from trees to heroes, I wish I could have been part of Occupy Wall Street today. Stay strong protesters, hopefully the billy clubs are not as strong as the acid rain and pine beetles. Too bad you don’t see that many officers when a horrendous crime is taking place. Pay attention fellow Americans, if you don’t care I would like to sell you a ticket to the spaceship cruise like in the movie Wall-E. (sorry, because of my brain injury I can’t remember the exact name)