Aiming for a Stone Castle

Boldt Castle

I appreciate the well-built stone castle, I even think the water pump house is grand.  What I marvel the most  is the dedication Mr. Boldt exerted to try to impress his wife.  Tragically she was too sick to visit and died before it was completed.  I never had anyone to care about me enough to build my castle, that is just as unfortunate.

If I live long enough, I will build my own stone castle.  It most likely will be the size of a cottage.  The interior not quite as grand, but with stone walls as thick, a turret or two, and grand views of the gardens and greenhouse.  It will run off grid with solar and wind power.  I will be my own hero, someday.

This post a day is  challenging, knowing people that know me will be reading it even more so.  I took a short walk today.  I did not make it as far as I hoped, the traffic, hills, mosquitoes more annoying than I anticipated.  I took my camera, but did not find anything that jumped out at me. I did spot a stamped metal object embedded in the road.  As I thought it would make an interesting close up shot, I had already took a few steps ahead and did not want to return back. The leaves and maple seeds seemed ordinary, the lake showing too scant between the trees.