Skinny Tuesday

I am finding it more and more restrictive, just trying to write something for the post a day, mostly because I know of the possibility of other people (that I know) reading it.  I have thought about taking it into a different direction, starting a new blog under another name, or just keeping it to pictures and captions.  I have always thought it much easier to write to strangers.  I keep everything inside.  I am just beginning to wonder why.  My blog needs more meat on the bones.  I need less wear on my soul.  I lost another pound on the scale today, therefore I share my skinny Tuesday.

I plan on keeping this blog and let it develop as I do.  In the future it will feature some of the art I make myself, plus links to other blogs that I admire.  My writing will get more meaningful as my protective layers are exposed.

Arches and Iron

2 thoughts on “Skinny Tuesday

  1. You’re off to a good start. Keep it up and it will get easier with time. There have been plenty of days where I was totally without any ideas but somehow came up with some of my best posts.

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