Growing Up Successful, Or Not

Halfway through today, I get the dreaded call from school.  Did he fall and break a leg?  No, he has failed to hand in one particular piece of homework, since last Friday.  He is being placed in after school tutorial (previously called detention), and won’t be home until the late bus brings him.  Great, on several levels I am disappointed.  He had an appointment to get his mop chopped after school (now rescheduled). This was highly important due to the fact his hair is the longest it has ever been,without even an occasional trim. He was asked everyday if all his homework is complete before he is allowed to do anything else. Besides being told every day it is all done (lies), he was told to let me know if he needed help with anything.  I was trying to be proactive, since second grade he has started each year off with not getting an assignment completed. He came home was surprisingly calm, but he had his meltdown shortly after.  At about the same time he asks why I don’t let him stay up later (like everybody else he knows). Well, he went to bed tonight peacefully (same old-time), all school work completed and regardless if he did not learn anything at all (either have I), tomorrow is a new day.

I heard about Steve Jobs tonight (RIP), and wonder what his mother (adoptive or otherwise) went through while he was growing up. Every time a highly successful person passes way before their time, you wonder how much more they could have accomplished.  How did one person do so many amazing things?  How can I unlock the

School Daze

genius that resides within myself?