Building a Bucket List

With all the time I had to reflect while lying in the hospital, or immobile times after, I realized my time is running short to complete my bucket list.  I thought I would easily live to be 100, and there would be plenty of time for play after I retired. I might never retire.  I did not write down my bucket list.  I have decided it is time.  Please leave all suggestions to the list in the form of a comment.  Make sure you are either making your list, or checking off your accomplishments.

  • Become a Real Estate Mogul
  • Hike the full Appalachian Trail
  • Hike the full Vermont State Trail
  • Visit every Island in Hawaii
  • Take a cruise anywhere, one to Belize planned for 2013
  • Earn another degree, possibly interior design or just open a furniture/art gallery
  • Visit Cali, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver
  • A train trip to ?? undecided ??
  • Road Trip Across USA, full length of Route 66 included
  • Drunken karaoke in Las Vegas
  • Own a swimming pool
  • Own a Boat
  • Visit Myrtle Beach
  • Own a farm, no livestock, just trees, preferably “Fruits and Nuts” ha,ha
  • Have solar or wind energy to run everything I own
  • Blow up one evil empire (don’t worry about your empire, just one certain person)
  • Own a electric Scooter
  • Have my own greenhouse
  • Build a castle or buy a cool one

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