Absolutely Wonderful

springtime in duke gardens

Today, my 29 year old son accomplished what several others have tried in vain for years. He taught my 11 year old son to finally ride his bike. One simple thing that made my whole family happy. My son can not wait until tomorrow, and wants to ride his bike all day. First thing, we have to buy him a helmet.
I also accomplished my goal, of showing everyone I can drive with the use of one hand. I acquired my license yesterday, transferred from another state. Today I was at the reins of my car, after being without that privilege since March. As happy as I am for myself, I am ecstatic for my younger son.
Upon reflecting about what a great day today has been (and that includes the weather), I realized there was nothing on my bucket list that was checked off today. Today was not about preparing to die, I was simply happy to be alive.