Sunny Days and boyhood bike rides

I love bridges

It was perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky. I am slightly sunburned, not bad, just enough to let me know how powerful the sun is. It feels good, warming my skin after the sun sets for the day. My son rejoicing in his new obsession, riding his bike. That feels good too, knowing he finally accomplished one goal we both had for a long time. He would have enjoyed the trip to the museum I planned as well. Before learning how to ride his bike, he expressed interest in going. I guess rainy days are for museums, sunny days for bike rides. I am still unsure of my ankle stability, coupled with the lingering paralysis of my left hand. Therefore, I walked to the park, while he rode blocks around me.
Today would have been a perfect opportunity to photograph fall at what seems its peak. The colors look crisper in the sunshine. I am not a professional photographer, and I forget to bring my camera with me most of the time. Tomorrow is to be a repeat performance of today, and I hope to make it to the lake to grab some shots.