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old ivories

I had too much negative to deal with today. I had to fight to get my occupational therapy continued. I have to make a second trip to the pharmacy tomorrow, because my insurance is calling the shots…..its not pain meds, it’s for my blood pressure, but I guess trying to get them a day early is evil. I also had a talk with my son’s teacher, after I got the call that he was to be detained yet again. My calls to the dentist were not returned. This left me too frazzled to go for a walk. If I could have snuck (yes a real word, spelled correctly, according to my sources) a nap sometime in between any of this, I would have been re-energized for my walk. I also can not think clearly to make my daily post fabulous. If anyone did notice, I will change a photo on one of my posts that was duplicated . How did I forget so easily?