Losing a piece of me, a little more each day


Molly was never a snuggly friendly cat. However, she did entertain my family for about 4 years. She made sure my house had no living mice or bugs with fierce diligence. She would let my son occasionally snuggle nose to nose with her, but never liked to be confined to anyone’s arms. She ate some “lucky” bamboo one day and went crazy. Real bamboo is not poisonous. Lucky bamboo,really dracaena not bamboo, is highly toxic. So things do really spiral from bad to worse. I bought that “lucky” bamboo to put on my desk at work. Not the job I held at the time I had my stroke, but the previous one where I was laid off. My “lucky” bamboo should have came with me to sit on my desk at my new job. “Lucky” bamboo should only be in offices where kitties, and other animals (except humans) are not allowed. I hope to buy another “lucky” bamboo plant again, when I have my own work studio. I can place it behind a glass barrier, so it won’t accidentally become a snack.
After my stroke, I sold most of my furniture and other items I owned. First, I had to drastically reduce the amount of stuff that just was not worth hanging on to. I also had to reduce my belongings to fit into storage during my transition. My house is going back to the bank, and I will be starting another life once again.
I let my daughter have the privilege of taking care of my pittie, Ashley, she is pictured on my blog as well. Nothing is like it used to be, and too much of my life is out of my control.
My goals on my bucket list seem like pipe dreams. After all these years I still have not figured out how to make things happen.