It Happened Any Way

layers of fall

I had today planned ahead of time.  It was supposed to happen last weekend, during the warm sunny weather. Today was cold, windy, and gray. Life dictated that today was the last day  this year the museum I planned on visiting was open.  So we took off for our one hour drive there.  Me with a scratchy sore throat, my son with his bronchitis cough.  We stopped in  town before heading south, to pick up more cough syrup, and a few more necessary items.  We made it about one minute out of town, then I noticed my tire light on the dashboard was lit. As usual, I swear I hate f’n cars, I had to turn around and head back to town. I am not a helpless girl, but I don’t really know everything about the place I live now. I do know it is Sunday, no garage is open, no auto parts store open either.  This place does not even have a tire place.  I pulled into the gas station and was relieved to find an air pump on the side of the building, and it was free.  After getting out of the car and inspecting each tire by eyeballing them, I only saw that one was missing the cap on the thingy where the air gets put in.  Then my 11 year old, untrained in auto anything, conferred that was the “flat” tire.  We put a few squirts of air in.  I was convinced that more air was escaping then going in the tire. I had my son recoil the hose back on the wall.  I sat back in the car fully thinking I was going back home. No way was I risking a flat in the middle of nowhere. To my surprise, the tire light was now off, crisis averted with a small amount of air.  We went on our merry way to the museum and beyond. Tomorrow, I will have to take my car and get all my tires checked for air pressure. I also need a cap on the thingy where the air goes, f’n cars.

It was a day meant for spending inside of the museum buildings, out of the wind.  No flashes were allowed inside, so those pictures came out dark.  Outside the natural light, or lack of light, made everything seem gray.  When I walked past these berries on the tree they stood out boldly.  I don’t usually like the color red, but this turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of the day.