Fu Fu Friday

Up and down

I have no idea what to write about today.  I am exhausted from a shopping trip, I missed my morning nap. I did pick up a few things to help with my therapy.  I  bought isotoner gloves to compress my left hand.  I also picked up a pedometer to keep track of my walking, to push myself farther. Ironically, I did not push myself, or even figure out how to reset more than the steps button.  It was not a totally wasted day.  My son is now ready for the frigid north weather.  I jokingly said “since we are ready for snow, we will have an unusual winter with no snow”.  I can still daydream.  I also got to stare out the window, since I did not drive today.  That could be why my brain almost shut down, from over stimulation.  Some of the sightseeing highlights: a one tractor town, and said tractor was for sale….and a mobile home redecorated as a European chalet, very colorful.  Despite several moose crossing caution signs, the marvelous beasts were not out in public today.