Can I be Cold and Creative?

into the cracks and crevices

No, today it was raining, or gray, and a good 10 degrees colder than expected.  I am wearing two pair of socks, because I could not find my fuzzy winter socks.  I did get an idea of what to dress up for on Halloween night.  I saw a commercial on TV today, for a fleece jumpsuit (think beyond snuggy crazy infomercial).  I can’t remember the exact name, but it had the word “lazy” in it.  It comes in bright pink with a hood.  I am going to sew two ears on the hood, and maybe a long pink tail.  I am going to be a fat, crippled, pink panther!  I thought my only options were going to be a hunchback, or wizard so I would have to turn my cane into a staff.

No, really, I am going to buy something named “lazy” that is pink.  I already own pink fuzzy socks.  After Halloween, I can keep it in my car in case of a blizzard.  I will be warm after I zip it on, and hard to miss by the snowplow.  If only the pajama jeans were on sale too.  I could get used to the ultra casual attire. The voices in my head are saying to be that person that goes out in public with the men’s pajama pants (already guilty), the fleece jumpsuit (when it is too cold for jammies), or sporting the pajama jeans on special occasions.  I could be the crazy old lady with the pizza stains and fuzzy slippers hobbling around a town near you.  Beep (friendly, not blast) your horn as you pass by.

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