Seriously Sunday

garden gate

What did I accomplish today? Nothing, another day of contemplating instead of doing.  I can not even get it together for a decent blog post. Please, all I ask is for one ray of sunshine per day. I need to stop making excuses.  I don’t need sun to shine down on me. I need a ray of sunshine that comes from within. If I can’t understand where it comes from, at least let it shine outwards without a spark.

4 thoughts on “Seriously Sunday

  1. Hey there!
    You posted on my farm page and I ‘ve read many of your blogs. What i’m most curious about is your stroke. I had one on Mother’s Day weekend. Kinda shook me up and made me re-evaluate life.
    If you’re up to it, tell me what happened. I actually blogged about mine – probably one of the most vulnerable things i’ve done.
    Look forward to hearing from you-

    • I had my stroke in March 2011….I was in the hospital for a week, then in acute rehab for one month, since then I have been in outpatient physical therapy, and I was in outpatient occupational therapy until last month….I am fighting to get my occupational therapy reinstated. I could not move my left arm or left leg at all at first….I can walk now, but not the same as before, since I have hemiparesis…..I can move my left shoulder and left elbow better, but not 100%…and still struggle with hand/wrist and finger movement on my left side…I also still struggle to keep my blood pressure under control even after multiple med adjustments and major diet adjustments. I am supposed to be reducing my stress, but I find I am just trading one source of stress from another. I have not posted much about my stroke and dealing with health insurance, and the general state of healthcare in the US because I find that too frustrating (stressful). I have not really decided which direction I will take my blog. I do know I want it to become more positive. My goal each day is to live to enjoy another day!
      Thanks for commenting cyndi, I will check out your blog again and look for your stroke story.

      • Thanks for sharing. Where were you when you had your stroke? And are they saying it was attributed to your blood pressure? What meds are you on? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions :-/
        I’m trying to get off my meds but a little scared to do so cuz I don’t want to risk another stroke.
        Here’s my blog:’s-day-gift/

        I love your pictures and i really liked the blog with the stove 🙂 Is that your stove?

      • I tried to answer most of your questions in my post today. I would say not to make getting off meds a priority, as long as they are not causing serious side affects. I wanted to go off my Statin, since I was allergic to one and my insurance did not pay for the other one I was on previously. I pleaded that my cholestrol was now normal, and I changed my diet also. The doctor said, that prevention is more important, even with normal blood chemistry…..the risk of recurrent stroke is so high to someone who already had one. I know how you feel, I did not want to go on meds to start with….until my pressure got more often in the high readings. I am further burdened with family history of stroke related death, and heart disease. Take care of yourself.

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