Working on my Creative Therapy

work in progress

This is my throw pillow I started to crochet at work (on breaks).  Since my stroke it takes me hours to complete a row instead of minutes.  I can not move my left fingers to control the tension, like I used to.  I chose these colors since I had the lavender and black left over from another project.  I bought the brighter purple to liven it up.  I decided on a throw pillow, since I was doing it at work and an afghan would get too big to store in my desk drawer.  I say eat your heart out Missoni. I started this way before Target tried to keep Missoni fashions in stock.  I have actually been making crocheted afghans since I was a kid in 4-H.  I used to relax, and crochet away, multitasking with phone conversations or television/movie viewing.  It now is frustrating, and takes full concentration.  I won’t give it up, until it becomes as easy as before.