Working on my Creative Therapy

work in progress

This is my throw pillow I started to crochet at work (on breaks).  Since my stroke it takes me hours to complete a row instead of minutes.  I can not move my left fingers to control the tension, like I used to.  I chose these colors since I had the lavender and black left over from another project.  I bought the brighter purple to liven it up.  I decided on a throw pillow, since I was doing it at work and an afghan would get too big to store in my desk drawer.  I say eat your heart out Missoni. I started this way before Target tried to keep Missoni fashions in stock.  I have actually been making crocheted afghans since I was a kid in 4-H.  I used to relax, and crochet away, multitasking with phone conversations or television/movie viewing.  It now is frustrating, and takes full concentration.  I won’t give it up, until it becomes as easy as before.

3 thoughts on “Working on my Creative Therapy

    • I actually don’t count the first chain row….just make it about as wide as you want your finished project….then while doing the first single crochet row if you are short two many I just rip out the last “set of 5″….if you have too many chain stitches, you can tie them off….that is how I do them now…..the first time I read a pattern….the key to make it even is you only skip one, instead of skip two at each end of the project….if you need more help, I will email you a diagram…it is hard to explain, not knowing how much you already know or what you already attempted that went wrong

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