Why is Everything Printed So Small ?

cook stove

I finally made it to the library tonight.  I ordered Blogging for Dummies, so watch for my blog to improve, after I get my hands on that.  Meanwhile, I rediscovered an old fave author, Edward Abbey.  I started to read Down The River, and I can’t get over how small the print is.  Come on, nobody has eyesight that good.  I used to, and it is still close to 20/20.  I have the same problem reading the phone number on credit cards, and the worst is the IMEI on the cell phone.  If I had the money, to gamble on the fashion stock market (something I would never do,even if there actually is one), I would put it all on monocles to make a big comeback.

I love retro design, mostly mid-century modern, art deco, and kitsch.  I also like to mix those together and toss something useful in as well, like a wood fired cook stove.  I wonder if heat resistant paint comes in turquoise.  Another experiment I can not afford would be to use heat resistant adhesive to attach rocks, to said cook stove, to make it look more built in.  It might be easier to hire an expert to build a masonry oven.  That would feel toasty right now.  I can’t wait for my monocles to pay off, so I am buying a powerball ticket tomorrow.

Don’t worry, if  I win, I will still read books from the library and struggle with this blog.


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