Lack of Sleep, More Therapy, Exhaustion

mamma and baby birch

I have not been this tired in a long time. Well, I have, but not all day long.  I found out my occupational therapy was finally approved by my insurance. Hot Dog. I missed my morning nap to take my son for a few immunizations, going against my grain. The school nurse can not harass me for the rest of the year. I saw his new (only one month) school sneakers up close as he was sitting on the exam table, waiting for the doctor to come in. They are already garbage, cracked around the front.  Not even real leather means “quality” anymore.  He has three choices now.  He can wear the new snow boots all day,  like Napoleon Dynamite.  He can wear the cheap canvas slip on sneaks, bought on clearance to play in. Most likely he is going to wear the new garbage tomorrow. He is oblivious, as I was.

I fell asleep reading another book from the library, not because it is boring.  I am just that tired.  Tina Fey is so talented and smart, I am enjoying her book Bossypants.  I will finish it tomorrow.  My warm comforter is now my best friend.