Fast Friday

tree near blue mountain, ny

Everyone knows how time goes by faster as you get older.  Today, I must of aged 10 years. I don’t know how the day slipped away so fast. I had a long drive for an appointment. I took my camera, I saw a really cool cobblestone library. I made a mental note to stop on the way home to take pictures and study it closer. I drove right past on the way home. I realized it, before reaching the edge of town. I could of turned the car around. I kept driving, too tired to even cheat and take the picture out the car window. I also drove past a very large piece of granite. I love rocks. Other people had previously stopped and showed their love with colorful graffiti. I drove on passing two deer grazing on the grass that grows next to the road. Two more dear sprinted across the road in front of me. Cars could not wait to pass me. I continued on at my pace. I wanted to be fast, but I was too tired to hit a deer. I made it home. I have nothing accomplished today and it is too late to do over.