Happy Halloween


Halloween is my favorite holiday.  There is very little commercialism, compared to other United States holidays. Actually, Halloween is celebrated with out the banks, government, and post office shutting down. Creativity is more valued than a plastic mass produced mask.  Yet, if all you have is plastic, anything goes. People still have fun.  I remember the town I lived in last year had several family friendly front yard giveaways. One was just a simple folding table set up with coffee and hot chocolate, free to warm anyone passing by.  Another was an elaborate feast, with veggies made to look like body parts and rice crispy treats cut out in holiday shapes. There also was the family that lived down the street from me that had a front yard barbeque while passing out candy.  What an enjoyable way to celebrate the sharing of sugar.  Sit on the front porch with twinkling orange lights, jack-o-lanterns lighting up the side walk, just put your feet up, sip your beer, and watch the parade of costumed creatures stroll by.  My neighbor with two dogs even put costumes on the doggies to greet their guests. More sharing and good feelings than Thanksgiving, less pressure and stress than Christmas, and if you don’t want to participate you just turn your light off.  No one makes a big deal and feels sorry that you can’t afford fruitcake.  If I was in charge of all the holidays, Halloween would be tops. After Halloween would be Thanksgiving, followed by a second Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. No one should have to work on Holidays, except those who volunteer.  I have involuntarily worked too many Holidays and weekends in my life.  I am fortunate now, that I won’t have to work any Holidays for the rest of this year.

The health insurance I worked overtime, weekends, and holidays for was not going to pay my medical bills. Second try, the emergency state health insurance said they would pay my bills.  I got the news today that all the paperwork I filled out was for naught. No one is going to pay my bills. I am supposed to stay calm to keep my blood pressure low, that has not been happening often. My credit has officially tanked, or will be soon.  Everything I worked the last few years for is slipping away or has already sank. Tomorrow is November 1st and I can’t wait to restart all the fun again. A Lesson was learned the hard way again. The next time I go back to work, it is for myself.