My Sexy New Night Wear

don't be envious

I finally received my hand splint. I am supposed to wear this every night for at least 8 hours. I usually don’t get to sleep that long, so I put it on while I use my other hand to navigate the computer. All I need are some brass knuckles,  another setup for my right hand then I will be the champ. I feel more like a chump. I am sorry you have to see my freckles, bruising, and arm hair.(borderline gross)

I went to the school, the parking lot was full. So I did not get to walk, it is closed during events. I did go to PT today so that will count for my workout. It started to snow again tonight. I hate not having a place to get gas that pumps it for you. I forgot my glove earlier today and was too much of a baby to freeze. So I froze even more later with the glove, during the wind and snow and plummeting temp. I had to take the glove off anyway to get the receipt. My tire light is still on. I won’t have to call AAA for running out of gas, but have no clue what is going on with my tires. I am definitely taking my car back to a dealer this weekend. I might have to go back to the tire place too. I paid extra for the peace of mind last February to have the tires fixed for free. Too bad I moved away from civilization where such things can be honored.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut again. It would be more thrifty to let it grow a bit, and throw it in a pony on bad hair days (9 days out of 10 lately). That is another cost I can add to having my stroke. I can’t do anything more than try to comb it into submission. I spent yesterday with a kewpie doll swirl. Today my part was straight enough, enough to accent the gray. I was going to dye it the other night, but I forgot I could not put the gloves on. I just figured I would wait until after it is cut now.

Tomorrow starts the last month of the year. Goodbye 2011, you suck, big time. This has been the worst year of my life. I am going to make sure it stays that way, and make every year from now on the best yet. I bought myself the Beatles new mix of number 1 hits. I will drive around December 1st listening to see if they made the old classics sound better.

Short Day

The sun came out today. For a few minutes it felt like springtime. Then about an hour later it was dark and rainy.

I made it to the school for the second day in a row of walking inside. I went 1/2 mile again. Tomorrow I will try to do 3/4 or more. I have physical therapy tomorrow, so usually I am beat. I am trying to push myself. I thought about Patrice O’Neal today. He had a stroke in October and died today. He was only 41. Hearing things like that push me harder, I need to do more. I need more exercise and less junk food.(I have cut my occasional junk food binge way back) I need less stress. The best I can do with that one is roll with the punches. My car tire light is still on. All I can do is trust the local repairman is right and that I make it to the dealer this weekend to reset the sensor. I have AAA, so must remember that when my tire blows and my car rolls over.

My haircut appointment is made for this Thursday, so I will dye it tomorrow. I was going to dye it tonight, but I forgot I need help getting the gloves on. Everyone here is asleep. Their choice, I always have been a creature of the night.

Another one bites the dust

I used to live near this plant. I also worked at a similar plant that closed, and some of my former co-workers went to work here. It is a good example of why you should eat local, and support small businesses. But this was a food business, stuff families put in their mouths. Once the company becomes too big, and cares even less, it probably will be grown in China eventually too, and only WalMart will carry it. USA monopolized by uncaring giants. Who is letting this happen?

Birds Eye in Fulton: Anatomy of a plant closing |


scrappy sunday

made by a second grader

I don’t mean scrappy as in scrapbooking, more like wrestling with technology without getting anywhere. I can not figure out how to get my sd card into the back of my mac mini. Therefore I can’t upload my pictures, because I was hooking up my camera and that worked for a while and now it does not. I did a google search and read the apple manual, both just made me feel lost in the land of dinosaurs. It is the most simple things that make me feel inferior. Inferior to what, I don’t know. I feel like I missed out on a huge jump in technology that no one bothered to fill me in on.

My bad luck with things not working is epic. I also could not log into my netflix account tonight. I did a quick search and it seems they twittered they have a problem and they are working on it. I don’t even know I can trust the online source. That was hours ago. It only took 1/2 hour of my life to figure out it was not my password that was the problem. It was 1/2 hour of my son’s life, he was waiting to watch a show with me before he went to sleep. We ended up watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, again. I love snoopy, so I did not mind. I did notice that someone in Charlie Brown’s family must be a hoarder. When Snoopy opens the garage door, it is packed full to the ceiling and all the way to the door with stuff.

It was a scrappy rainy uneventful day. I accomplished nothing, except a few loads of laundry. I don’t know where the time went. In a few minutes it will be Monday. I hope the world stops spinning so fast. I need time to move slower, so I can catch up.

I don’t get out much

you'll melt your eye out

I had to hitch along with my sister today, to go shopping. I wanted some paintbrushes, and had trouble comparing them online (where I usually shop). I walked more today, more than I have in a few weeks. That was another reason I went. It was warm enough to melt some snow, but there is still some left. So we battled the crowds and lived to tell about it. It was not that bad, except for parking. It was nice riding home in the dark and seeing people’s Christmas lights.

I guess I mentioned my fondness of lights before. Besides Christmas lights, I like lava lamps, glitter lamps, fiber optics and disco balls. I like the calmness of black lights. The energy of sunlight and the coolness of moonlight.

I should be all energetic and want to try out my new paintbrushes. I am tired, I don’t get out that often. It was a long day. When I arrived home I pigged out on coleslaw, Spanish rice, leftover apple pie and a roll. I then watched a movie, Marmaduke, with my son. He had missed me since I left right after breakfast. My mom stayed home with him as well. When I went on facebook I read his rant to his friends, including way too much swearing. If that is a cry for attention, he certainly will be getting my full attention tomorrow, after we have a nice long talk. I hope he understands why he will be banned from facebook for a while.

Black Friday Survival

adirondack museum

After working in retail many, many, too many years, I refuse to shop on black Friday. I had no problem avoiding the stores this year. I live so far away from anything more than a small IGA, drug store, hardware store, and several local gift shops and art galleries. I have purchased most everything since moving here online. I am keeping the post office in business with my late mortgage notices, health insurance inquiries and occasional package.

I watched movies today, when not napping or doing my in home physical therapy. I took my car again to have the tire looked at. I was not happy that the warning light was still on. I turned around to let them know. I find their explanation that it takes time for the “system” to turn the light off highly illogical. Every other time the light went out after the tire was fixed. Time will tell, and a trip to the dealer.

I still have not solved my camera problem, so I am using old photos for my blog. I hope I don’t use the same ones I used before. I also got the current stroke magazine in the mail. There was a feature of another women that blogged about her recovery in Maine. I need to recover the name, I already discarded the magazine.


future observatory

I could have ate more, but I was trying to keep my sodium from getting too high. Not that anything was over salty. I did have two pieces of apple pie. It is half fruit. My sister forgot to put the cranberry sauce on the buffet table. I knew something was missing, but my brain is not working 100 %. I did not take a walk today. Even though the snow is melting, there are still ice chunks in the road. I took a picture of the snowman my niece and brother-in-law built. One of his eyes fell out from the melting. My niece said he was winking. I can’t post any new pictures. I bought new batteries for my camera, and still can’t get all my pictures to upload. I will try to clean the connections tomorrow.

I won’t be part of the crazy madness for black friday. I can save, and shop around without fighting and standing in line. I have bought everything online so far, and with free shipping think I scored great deals in the last few weeks. I also bought as much as I could that was made in the USA. I am hoping to get appointments made tomorrow for my car warranty look over and haircut. It is also planned to put up some holiday decorations and even the tree this weekend. All of these will be my mother’s.  My stuff will remain tucked in the garage attic, until I move or die. I really look forward to doing everything my way again.

Thanksgiving Eve

first major snowfall 2011

Today I am thankful that I did not have to cancel my son’s eye doctor appointment. The ice and snow storm they warned about all night happened. There was about 6 inches compacted heavy snow and ice already on the ground. It was still snowing. My mother volunteered to drive her 4-wheel drive vehicle.I would never be allowed to drive her vehicle, even tough I think I am the better driver. We pressed on at a top speed of 35 miles per hour. We passed a vehicle that had already spun off the road, with the staties lights flashing, waiting for a tow truck. I offered to call ahead to see if we could could switch to a later time, someone was sure to cancel. We ventured bravely, if not foolishly. I already had waited over a month to get this appointment, after waiting months to sort out the health insurance coverage. My son breaks his glasses at least once per year. He also needed to have his pupils dilated, not having that test done last year. We made it there, before the eye doctor. She made it after a short wait for us, but a two hour drive for her. I am thankful more brave drivers made it to work safely, even if late. It turned out his eyes are healthy. He has chosen new glasses, and we just wait a few weeks for them to come in. Obviously, we also made it back home.

Round two of dealing with the first major snow of the season. My car ended up stuck in the snowy driveway. The neighbor came down the street with his snow blower and made a path to my car. It would have made it out if it was not for the snow surrounding all the tires, and piled underneath the car. I gave it my best try. It would not even rock back and forth. No problem, I have a personal taxi. “Oh Mom”, she came through again and dropped me off at physical therapy. It was freed up by the time she picked me up. But it did take three able bodied people, not one half crippled.

This year despite all the negative situations I have dealt with, mainly my stroke, I have many things to be thankful for. My three children who have stepped up yet again to help out any way they can. My family close by, Mom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and the rest of my family that live hours away have been blessings. I have a roof over my head (even though it is not my own) and food on the table. I hope everyone else can be as thankful too.

Thanks for Giving

in raleigh, nc

I am watching Dancing with the Stars final of the season right now. Meanwhile, I am thinking about the snow and ice warnings for tomorrow. I have to make it early to the next town over for my son’s eye appointment. I hope he gets new glasses. He is wearing a bent up pair from three years ago. The ones he got last year are in a case waiting to see if they can be repaired. The glasses from the year before snapped in half and could not be fixed. I gave the pieces to the lions club. I hope they can make them usable for someone else.

I made some orange muffins today. They tasted great. Next time I want to add coconut and/or some other fruit.

Still in my funk. I tried not taking my morning nap today. I look like hell. No sense wasting a good nap opportunity. If I get home early enough tomorrow I can nap while the ice hits the window. Not as calming as rain, but will have to do.

Hop, Skip, Jump

they are coming back

They say history repeats itself. In a few billion years, after the tectonic plates collide, the remnants of my physical being will be pushed down under the sea. Two billion years from now, those remains will be heated by the earths core, then madly spewed straight up to the upper atmosphere. I will rain down, trickling over the grassy meadows where sheep graze. My ashes mixed with condensed water will make the hills green. Will anyone be there besides the sheep? Will a flower bloom from my richness? Can we constantly live without a care of the complexity that brought us here? I always wanted to live forever. I want my soul imprinted and ingrained into everything I touch.

I face my mortality with the realization that once I am gone, I will be an occasional passing thought to the few people that love me. Once those people are gone, there is nothing more left of me. I hope a deep blue flower blooms from my richness.