Over One Month Old

not a mansion, a retirement home

This has certainly surprised even me. I have posted every day for over a month. It is true there were some lame and feeble posts. With my trusty new guide, Blogging For Dummies, that should not happen too much in the future. I have not read too far in yet, but I am sure I will get a few helpful hints. One hint I plan on doing soon is writing ahead of time for the days when I am too busy or tired.  Those busy and tired days come much more frequent now.

I had another occupational therapy followed by physical therapy today.  That always knocks the wind out of my sails. I also have to follow up with an arm workout three times a day at home, in addition to my electric shock treatment (as I fondly call it). I did manage to stop by the library on the way home to pick up my book. They had some free magazines out front, so I took just one. It was Backwoods Home, it was 2 years old. It was just as relevant today in 2011 as 2009. However, not much that I read seemed like something I did not read before online. I will recycle it by taking it back tomorrow, and maybe grab a different issue.

All my thoughts are lost in the abyss. They come and go, and sometimes I can tie them together. That is not happening right now, so another brief post.