Grateful, Thankful

alien cookie

I ponder how to make lemonade with the lemons (my life lately) I have been handed.  The trouble is I am not satisfied with plain old lemonade.  I want it extra sweet and memorable, and not all the ice to melt when I stir it.

I am so grateful to find the blogosphere world, and partake of it’s free vehicle. I don’t see my way clear to where I am headed, but I have had a few visions the last few years.  I used to want to change the world when I was younger (about 15 years ago, or more).  I studied and got a teaching degree for Elementary-Middle School Science.  I thought the adults would have their own opinions set in stone, but if I could sway the younger generation, they too would want to save the world.  For a few dozen reasons my life got in the way of my goal and I moved on.  I became aware of my own cognitive losses. I could not convince others of how I have diminished.  With that loss died my enthusiasm and confidence to teach.

I now think that with enough time, effort and sprinkling of pixie dust I can piece together something extraordinary. Don’t worry, this post is not “IT”.  Something is brewing. I have a bit of work to do. I am thankful I never stopped believing in miracles.