Thinking of the Future

Rock the night away

I need to have something to mull over at all times. I am always looking to the future, and imagining how I will fit in. I want to design furniture, I love to study interior design. I saw this old rocker at a museum, and had to take a picture. I first thought it would be something my older son would be interested in. He has put together and hand carved a coffee table, and expressed his interest in making more furniture.  I envision making this into a more ultra modern  shape, and then maybe lightly upholster it. I think it would look good in leather, or maybe an ultra suede. I also like the idea of making things from re-purposed materials, a nod to the original roots of this rocker. I think this could be made with cast off pallets, or some other wood from a demolition. Free materials for an experimental cobbler, I could get caught up making it over until it is just right.

I have a ways to go before I can tackle a project. Today, I finally finalized my car registration to my new state. I need help getting the new tags on my vehicle. Baby steps, baby steps. That does not stop me of dreaming of all I want to accomplish.