Weekend Half Over or Half Yet to Go

Hold on

I prefer to say I still have one more day this weekend. I don’t want to admit that I did not spend enough time outside today. I really have not accomplished much at all. I managed a quick trip to the store. I watched my movie from Netflix again, Dinner For Schmucks. It was slightly campy, but it had great music, and pretty mice art. That is not a typo, I mean mice. They are cute mammals, but they can be bothersome pests. I am sure they are just trying to stay warm and feed their family, not eat us out of house and home. I always feel guilty for trapping or poisoning them. On the other hand they leave a trail of feces and other disgusting germs, and I am allergic to them.

I hope to find a new pair of shoes, to replace my son’s new school shoes gone wrong already. Maybe I should just duck tape them together. We are in a recession still. My son said he was not embarrassed at all to wear them. I am embarrassed that I got duped by the bad quality. Tomorrow should be nice out again, so after shopping I hope to brave a walk.