November Sunshine

roots exposed

It was a sun-drenched weekend, followed by a warmer than usual day today. I wish this could last all winter. I count three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Bleak. The temperature did dip into the low 20’s the last few nights. That did not stop the bugs from returning. Mosquitoes and moths still danced on the windows at dusk.

I managed a trip a few towns over to get new shoes. I will still wear my current favorites into the ground. I am trying to have a spare pair for backup this winter.  Once it starts to snow, I won’t be taking any pleasant road trips. I hate living in snow, and am thanking my lucky stars (or global warming) we did not see any significant amounts of the white menace yet. It is pretty to see it on the trees, and covering the dead ground. I could rely on my memories of years past if I want to see pretty.

I am trying to ready myself for snowbound hobbies, to stave off my seasonal affected depression. Time will tell if I will be able to walk with my cane over the ice and snow. I am trying to read more, but my eyes still (post stroke) get tired and blurry quick. I have wanted to try to watercolor, but I need a spark to start. I have been looking for that spark, but it is too clever and knows how to avoid funky me. I have resolved to at least get everything out tomorrow and dabble. Maybe the spark will be found by the light of the full moon.