Tired Tuesday

raquette river

Tuesday is Monday’s second cousin, one day removed. I had hopes of getting most everything done today. I did manage a few errands that have been staring me in the face, plus laundry. I carried my hamper down the hall myself today. I carried it without my cane, without tripping. Next, I need to carry it with my left hand. The one pound weights I am supposed to work out with seem too heavy. My goal is to strengthen the muscles I can use in my left arm into some useful capacity. My arm has a long way to go, but I can feel the difference, I know it is getting stronger.

Another unrelated goal I have is to take the used film and disposable cameras to get developed. I took one today. Some of the pictures came out too dark to figure out who is in them. A few came out comical, such as myself cross-eyed. I am not sure if I was drinking too much wine, or knew my unphotogenic mug was going to be silly anyway. Another one is my mother looking like a deer in headlights, would I really take a surprise picture. Yes I did. Then there is a million pictures of my dog, that I know my son took. He disregards any mess in the background. At least she is highly photogenic.  I am only taking one or two rolls at a time for financial reasons. How embarrassing it would be to take it all at once and admit I am a slacker. I am so grateful for technology, and my daughter gifting me with a digital camera.

I went to the library to get the small print book renewed. I have read half of it, and would have finished if it did not sandpaper my eyeballs trying to read it. I manage my focus better in the sunlight, but that did not show up today as planned. While at the library, I bought a book for 50 cents. I plan on making it an altered book, and was happy to find a bargain. I felt ripped off when I was walking out and saw the price out in the lobby was 10 cents. I am not sure if they were as big, but I plan on stopping by tomorrow to check them out. I hope the library spends the extra 40 cents wisely. I guess I should be grateful that libraries are still in existence. I want to live a long time, but I want the libraries and printed books to be around even longer.