Bring on the Holidays


A few years ago it was in the high 60’s on Christmas Day. Today, it reached the high 60’s. The grey skies left, and the sun came out to play. I wish I could have walked around more, but my knee’s were cracklin’ and I thought I would collapse. I had both OT and PT today. They both worked me to the point of nausea. Then I stopped by the library, and the store. I carried all my parcels inside by myself, my slave (son) was in school still. After my usual lunch of peanut butter and banana sandwich, fruit (pear), and popcorn, I headed back out for a walk around the neighborhood. I wish everyone had a sidewalk, but they don’t so I walk the cracked up roads. I saw and talked to more people today, on my few short blocks of a walk, than I can add up total on previous walks. I guess you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that awesome weather equals happy people. One fellow, I did not get to talk to, was putting up lights on his evergreen trees around his house. I saw a women doing this yesterday at another house. I love it. My lights are packed, along with most of my other few belongings, in the garage attic. I am going to miss having my own lights this year. It is my favorite Christmas activity, to stare at the lights. I might be autistic, it would explain many things.

I was too tired for watercolors, but I have it set up for when the mood strikes. I am running out of new photos, so I threw up an old one from two years ago. I love Boston. Besides the fact that my older children live there, it has millions of places for great pictures. The Harbor, bridges, architecture, parks, people, sky, and everything makes me want to live there. The cost keeps me away. It does get too damp and chilly to walk around in the winter anyhow. Frozen snow is warmer to walk on than mud puddles.