Veteran’s Day Tribute

not open

I had taken this photo while passing by this establishment. Since we passed it too early,  it was still closed. I liked the name of it, wanting to someday open my own vintage shop. However, I believe this one sells guitars and other musical devices (not my specialty). I never did go back, we spent half the day in Raleigh and the other half at Duke Gardens. That night was when I had my stroke. Anyway, this Saturday is small business day, not sure of the official name. Please buy from your favorite small American business. If you can not afford to shop this Saturday, at least stay away from the big box stores.

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow. I don’t believe we should have war. Humanity should progress and learn how to respect each other. I do thank our Veterans for all their sacrifices. I hope all the currant troops in combat stay out of harms way.

Tomorrow also happens to be 11-11-11. I am not a crazy end of the world prophesier. The numerology side of me is intrigued. I used to wake up and stare at my alarm clock (years ago), and it was always at 11:11. I am not sure if the dread I felt was because I knew I had to wake up early and get to work. I did have a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Hopefully the only bad thing that happens tomorrow is that there will be a little snow, a minor inconvenience. Mother Nature is capable of dealing deadly storms, earthquakes, or tsunamis to make mankind as helpless as ants being hosed off the driveway and down the storm drain. We should stop trying to kill each other and figure out how to prolong our existence.