Time is Flying By

Beachside Parking

I almost missed today’s post, today flew by so fast. It snowed most of the day, it melted most of the time. When I got out of therapy this afternoon, it happened to cover my car just enough to slow me down. I still had several errands to do, so by the time I arrived home the bottom of my pants were soaked from trudging through the parking lots. My OT is helping my arm finally. I can lock my elbow long enough to do a few simple exercises. I still have a long way to go, but I got the insurance approval for my hand splint. Hopefully that will arrive in a few weeks or less. It was ordered today.

Nothing tragic happened today, not around here anyway. My son, his cousin, and his friend from down the street played out during the blizzard, and had a snowball fight. I am so glad he took a break from the computer and video games. He also shocked me by adding a book to his birthday wish list. I was done shopping, but there is always room for books.

Only about an hour left for 11-11, and then I anxiously await 12-12, then 12-21. I am just kidding, I am thankful for each day, one day at a time.