My Daily Required Post

scary bridge up close

I will feel much better after my dentist visit tomorrow. My molar cracked in half, and I feel the pain in my jaw. My regular dentist said I needed an oral surgeon to extract it. The root is too close to the nerves or something like that. I am not looking forward to the blood and pain, but I know it will heal. If I was rich, I would get solid stainless steel teeth with pearly overlays.

I have been feeling down today, I did not even go outside for a walk. I have not been eating much either, so it all balances out. Surprisingly, my blood pressure was in the normal range! That is rare. I also thought my bad teeth caused my pressure to rise. So, I still don’t know why it too high most of the time.

My brain is not in a very creative mode, so short post today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better.