Moving Forward

no train service, but a brand new depot

I don’t have a degree in town (or city) planning. It would make sense to me to have a working train system before investing money in a brand new train depot. This town is not the only one that puts the cart before the horse. When I lived in Pennsylvania, they had a beautiful station built to accept the droves of people visiting from NYC. I waited over 5 years for that service to start. What a fun day trip it would be to ride into the Big Apple for the day. The train service is still in the works. Maybe now that I no longer live there it will become a reality. Now I live in the middle of “Bumfuch” as I lovingly call it. They have built a brand new train depot in hopes that a rail service will someday resurrect from the industrial age of the towns humble beginnings. It is a pleasant dream. Trains are cool. Little boys (and girls) love to play with choo choos. Mass transportation is increasingly an economical necessity. I won’t be living here to hear the whistle blow. I won’t hear “all aboard” from across the tracks as I take my daily walk. I have real plans. I am moving closer to civilization where trains continue their daily commutes. It will be beautiful when my former hometown’s plan comes together, and I will come back to visit to see for myself. For now, I can not wait for dreams to materialize. I have to live fully the days I have left.