I don’t Miss Twinkies


I do miss some yummy junk food that I no longer eat. Rippled potato chips is one of the salty ones. Ice cream by the buckets, so creamy and delicious. I  have had ice cream 5 or 6 times since my stroke. I will probably cut that back even further. I will save it for special occasions just 3 or 4 times per year. I have been eating too many cookies and cake lately, that needs to stop. I am not giving them up, just cutting way back. My weight has been holding steady, but I want to lose another 30 pounds. I ate my fair share of Halloween candy. I think that they make the fun size bars the freshest. If I talk about how glutenous I have been it might help me avoid it in the future. I could be wrong. I might be found dead, face down in a bowl of melted chocolate.

Seriously, some of the healthiest foods are yummy too. Sweet potatoes, or yams are one ingredient wonders. I don’t need to add marsh mellows or even butter. Watermelon and honeydew I could eat everyday, straight up. Peppers, green, red, roasted, perfection. Peppers even though tasty, seem more filling with other foods  like pasta, pizza, potatoes, or rice. I am also in love with kettle corn. I plan on popping plain fat free corn and sprinkling powdered sugar and just a pinch of salt. I have been eating Orville’s Smart Pop, single size microwave bag everyday for a snack. I have not been lately because of my dental problems. Soon as I feel up to it, that is one snack I crave. Big sigh…….can you tell I am starving as I write this?