Thursday Turnaround

held together by rust

It will be a great night for watching Christmas movies on netflix. I did not see what they have available streaming yet. I am hoping for a classic or campy one I have not seen yet. I have not watched a movie in about a week. I certainly have not got my money’s worth this month. It will make me feel more frugal to see 30 movies for $8, instead of 2 or 3. I will hopefully forget I feel guilty for not working out as much as I should this week. In my never ending repertoire of excuses, I am waiting for my jaw to heal, the sun to shine, and my ship to come in. I went to take my should be nightly walk at the school. I could not get in. Twinkling lights, carols sung by stars, and furniture and clothing from the 50’s will keep the therapy nazis off my conscience.