Friday Fritters

wind in the birches

I made it to OT and PT, and lived through it. I really did not keep up my OT at home, so was anxious when I first arrived today. She worked more on my fingers and wrist. I have potential, to be able to grasp with three fingers, greatly increasing function on my left side. Now I am waiting for my hand splint to come in. That should help decrease my “tone”. For anyone not familiar with tone, it is the muscle group that takes over, resulting in the curled up claw hand. The first and only time I went to stroke support group, everyone was exhibiting some tone. Many therapists have told me many different ways to fight this. I am still trying. I need to try harder. I hope to live a long time and prefer not to have too many obstacles in my way. I am basically writing this post to myself, so when I read it again I will know how far I have come. I am hoping it won’t be the opposite of how lazy I was and failed.

I usually procrastinate so long I feel it is too late to try. I have many bad habits, mostly eating sugar and not being active enough. I always can name excuses much faster than taking action. I need to kick myself in the arse, and get going. I know time is going by faster every day. In just a few days, there will be only one month left this year. I am going to tackle one thing everyday (In December) that moves me forward. I hope to fill up my December chart by the end of this month.

I attempted to walk at the school again. Locked out again. I will have to call Monday to see what is up. At least I was one of four, so it was not my new entry badge that was the problem. In a better attempt at time management I hope to be asleep before midnight. No morning nap, or only a short one.