Thanks for Giving

in raleigh, nc

I am watching Dancing with the Stars final of the season right now. Meanwhile, I am thinking about the snow and ice warnings for tomorrow. I have to make it early to the next town over for my son’s eye appointment. I hope he gets new glasses. He is wearing a bent up pair from three years ago. The ones he got last year are in a case waiting to see if they can be repaired. The glasses from the year before snapped in half and could not be fixed. I gave the pieces to the lions club. I hope they can make them usable for someone else.

I made some orange muffins today. They tasted great. Next time I want to add coconut and/or some other fruit.

Still in my funk. I tried not taking my morning nap today. I look like hell. No sense wasting a good nap opportunity. If I get home early enough tomorrow I can nap while the ice hits the window. Not as calming as rain, but will have to do.