future observatory

I could have ate more, but I was trying to keep my sodium from getting too high. Not that anything was over salty. I did have two pieces of apple pie. It is half fruit. My sister forgot to put the cranberry sauce on the buffet table. I knew something was missing, but my brain is not working 100 %. I did not take a walk today. Even though the snow is melting, there are still ice chunks in the road. I took a picture of the snowman my niece and brother-in-law built. One of his eyes fell out from the melting. My niece said he was winking. I can’t post any new pictures. I bought new batteries for my camera, and still can’t get all my pictures to upload. I will try to clean the connections tomorrow.

I won’t be part of the crazy madness for black friday. I can save, and shop around without fighting and standing in line. I have bought everything online so far, and with free shipping think I scored great deals in the last few weeks. I also bought as much as I could that was made in the USA. I am hoping to get appointments made tomorrow for my car warranty look over and haircut. It is also planned to put up some holiday decorations and even the tree this weekend. All of these will be my mother’s.  My stuff will remain tucked in the garage attic, until I move or die. I really look forward to doing everything my way again.