Black Friday Survival

adirondack museum

After working in retail many, many, too many years, I refuse to shop on black Friday. I had no problem avoiding the stores this year. I live so far away from anything more than a small IGA, drug store, hardware store, and several local gift shops and art galleries. I have purchased most everything since moving here online. I am keeping the post office in business with my late mortgage notices, health insurance inquiries and occasional package.

I watched movies today, when not napping or doing my in home physical therapy. I took my car again to have the tire looked at. I was not happy that the warning light was still on. I turned around to let them know. I find their explanation that it takes time for the “system” to turn the light off highly illogical. Every other time the light went out after the tire was fixed. Time will tell, and a trip to the dealer.

I still have not solved my camera problem, so I am using old photos for my blog. I hope I don’t use the same ones I used before. I also got the current stroke magazine in the mail. There was a feature of another women that blogged about her recovery in Maine. I need to recover the name, I already discarded the magazine.