I don’t get out much

you'll melt your eye out

I had to hitch along with my sister today, to go shopping. I wanted some paintbrushes, and had trouble comparing them online (where I usually shop). I walked more today, more than I have in a few weeks. That was another reason I went. It was warm enough to melt some snow, but there is still some left. So we battled the crowds and lived to tell about it. It was not that bad, except for parking. It was nice riding home in the dark and seeing people’s Christmas lights.

I guess I mentioned my fondness of lights before. Besides Christmas lights, I like lava lamps, glitter lamps, fiber optics and disco balls. I like the calmness of black lights. The energy of sunlight and the coolness of moonlight.

I should be all energetic and want to try out my new paintbrushes. I am tired, I don’t get out that often. It was a long day. When I arrived home I pigged out on coleslaw, Spanish rice, leftover apple pie and a roll. I then watched a movie, Marmaduke, with my son. He had missed me since I left right after breakfast. My mom stayed home with him as well. When I went on facebook I read his rant to his friends, including way too much swearing. If that is a cry for attention, he certainly will be getting my full attention tomorrow, after we have a nice long talk. I hope he understands why he will be banned from facebook for a while.

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