scrappy sunday

made by a second grader

I don’t mean scrappy as in scrapbooking, more like wrestling with technology without getting anywhere. I can not figure out how to get my sd card into the back of my mac mini. Therefore I can’t upload my pictures, because I was hooking up my camera and that worked for a while and now it does not. I did a google search and read the apple manual, both just made me feel lost in the land of dinosaurs. It is the most simple things that make me feel inferior. Inferior to what, I don’t know. I feel like I missed out on a huge jump in technology that no one bothered to fill me in on.

My bad luck with things not working is epic. I also could not log into my netflix account tonight. I did a quick search and it seems they twittered they have a problem and they are working on it. I don’t even know I can trust the online source. That was hours ago. It only took 1/2 hour of my life to figure out it was not my password that was the problem. It was 1/2 hour of my son’s life, he was waiting to watch a show with me before he went to sleep. We ended up watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, again. I love snoopy, so I did not mind. I did notice that someone in Charlie Brown’s family must be a hoarder. When Snoopy opens the garage door, it is packed full to the ceiling and all the way to the door with stuff.

It was a scrappy rainy uneventful day. I accomplished nothing, except a few loads of laundry. I don’t know where the time went. In a few minutes it will be Monday. I hope the world stops spinning so fast. I need time to move slower, so I can catch up.