Another one bites the dust

I used to live near this plant. I also worked at a similar plant that closed, and some of my former co-workers went to work here. It is a good example of why you should eat local, and support small businesses. But this was a food business, stuff families put in their mouths. Once the company becomes too big, and cares even less, it probably will be grown in China eventually too, and only WalMart will carry it. USA monopolized by uncaring giants. Who is letting this happen?

Birds Eye in Fulton: Anatomy of a plant closing |


3 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Hey there!! don’t even get me started on this topic!!! I’m dealing with it personally and I totally understand why small companies finally fold. You have to have real determination for a long time to make it in the system we, the people have created. Big thanks to all those who wouldn’t take ownership for their own actions and choices and decided to sue instead.
    Okay- i feel my BP rising…
    did you get my email? headed to NC today…
    Great job on the walking! I’m signing up for a 5k on Jan 1- thought i’d start the new year right 🙂

    • supposed to train – it’s on my to-do list….we’ll see! Plan to start training on tuesday. Have to take 2 steers to the butcher early monday morning.

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