Short Day

The sun came out today. For a few minutes it felt like springtime. Then about an hour later it was dark and rainy.

I made it to the school for the second day in a row of walking inside. I went 1/2 mile again. Tomorrow I will try to do 3/4 or more. I have physical therapy tomorrow, so usually I am beat. I am trying to push myself. I thought about Patrice O’Neal today. He had a stroke in October and died today. He was only 41. Hearing things like that push me harder, I need to do more. I need more exercise and less junk food.(I have cut my occasional junk food binge way back) I need less stress. The best I can do with that one is roll with the punches. My car tire light is still on. All I can do is trust the local repairman is right and that I make it to the dealer this weekend to reset the sensor. I have AAA, so must remember that when my tire blows and my car rolls over.

My haircut appointment is made for this Thursday, so I will dye it tomorrow. I was going to dye it tonight, but I forgot I need help getting the gloves on. Everyone here is asleep. Their choice, I always have been a creature of the night.