A Tired Sunday

It was a beautiful day to drive home. If I had more time (to avoid driving in the dark), I could have stopped for some awesome pictures. There was a sign at the end of the highway exit, with a smaller sign attached “Thank you for supported a small business owned by a veteran, a small family farm”.  Too bad, I did not have time to turn the other way the arrow on the sign was  pointing. I also drove past some awesome shots of Oneida Lake, several rivers and creeks. Ice on rocks on the side of the road is one shot I need the sun just right, and enough space on the side to pull over. I passed by some interesting cobblestone buildings. Downtown Watertown, NY had a well preserved street I viewed from a stoplight. I need to go back there on a nice day. I saw half the moon in the afternoon. There was at one point pink tinged clouds ahead and a bright orange/pink sunset in the rear view mirror.

I am tired. This was my longest road trip I drove since having my stroke. I saw some dearly missed friends. Got my nails did, for free, surprisingly by my friend. My tire sensor light finally went out. (on its own)

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