How Mondays Roll

frosty evergreens

I did not get any pictures uploaded, so like I said before I will need to add them (at a later date) to all my posts missing pictures. This might be a goal for tomorrow. I had both OT and PT today. I don’t know why my left knee felt extra week today. I did get up to the school to walk 1/2 mile. It seems like such a short way. I feel even less healthy, because I have to stop halfway, to catch my breath. I keep telling myself as I chug along, at least I am walking with my own two legs and no brace. I have improved, but it is never quick enough for me. I am not competitive, I am impatient.

Oh Christmas cards, oh Christmas cards how lovely is the postal service? I heard on the news they will be laying off more than a few letter carriers. I understand the decline in first class mail because of the payments online. I don’t understand why people still don’t write personal letters, or send tangible cards. I started writing out my cards today. My goal for tomorrow is to finish them, and buy Christmas stamps. I even remembered for the second year in a row to include my son’s school picture. He is a handsome devil, with a huge smile. My other kids are good looking too, but they live on their own. They may or may not send out their own cards.

My goals for tomorrow, to get everything done that did not happen on Monday. I still dread Mondays, and I have no job to go to. I wish I could sleep in everyday. It is too dark to wake up and stumble around.