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lamposts on the lake

The cold dark rainy day sucked the creativity and motivation out of me today. I can not even think of a title for my post. I am still lacking pictures. This whole blog thing was not well thought out beforehand when I signed up to do a post a day. I initially just had set out to read my daughter’s wordpress blog. While doing so, the prompts for me to set up my own blog just appeared. Before I had time to think it was done. I had wanted to concretely capture this time in my life.  Now that it is getting closer to a new year I plan on continuing, but only if I can make my blog better along with my life.

I walked at the school today, still just 1/2 mile. My left knee was hurting all day. I did two loads of laundry and cleaned my bathroom. I did not finish my Christmas cards, buy stamps or finish my filing. I wish I could just throw all my paperwork in the wood stove and light it. The bills just get more depressing. Thousands of dollars for what? I did not receive bionic parts. The insurance only paid a small portion of my physical therapy. I have resigned myself to be forever in debt.

I made the disastrous mistake of dropping an omega capsule down the heater today. It fell off the table and bounced right in. Unluckily, it melted before I could get the cover off. The grill work is too close inside and too hot to clean, so it is burning off. The whole house smells like putrid stinking fish guts. My mother chokes up and says she is allergic to perfume, hairspray, fresh cut pine, and strawberry scent. Thankfully she can tolerate stinky fish oil.