Improvements to Report

another shade of grey

They are very small, but they are measurable, therefore very positive. I walked 5/8 th of a mile instead of 1/2. I also did well in OT and PT today. My occupational therapist saw a big difference in my shoulder strength and flexibility. I can see how I can move my fingers more, yet she did not measure my hand movements today. My legs are also a touch stronger, I believe it is my hamstring, I can bend my knee against gravity. I still have galaxies more to improve, but glad they are in the right direction. I have been taking my hand splint off early, it gets uncomfy. I will wear it on occasion during the day to make up for the eight hours it should be on while I am sleeping. I wish I could sleep eight hours.

I keep reading more and more how younger fit and healthy people are having strokes.It makes it that much more important to know the signs of a stroke. You have to get treated ASAP to prevent further damage and death. From my experience I only had one major symptom they talk about. Most people have one or a combination, but not all symptoms. Less symptoms does not mean less threatening. If you are not talking right, can’t stick your tongue out straight, have numbness in arm or leg, severe headache, or can’t lift your arms up straight. You are probably having a stroke. You don’t have to be older, have heart problems or other physical ailments. I will keep this public service announcement short.

I had that same old problem with the bloody left ear again. I have to make the doctor believe I am not jamming the q-tips in until it bleeds. The bloody blood is already there. They must teach  that response the first day of med school. If anyone has an ear complaint, tell them it is the patients fault for utilizing cotton on a stick. I have the annoying sounds in my head again too. My blood pressure was normal today, and I checked it twice since it was high yesterday. I took the lisinopril yesterday. I ate a banana today, with the theory I need more potassium. I can’t believe my body is so up and down and out of control.

This will go down in history as one of the most boring posts.