Upside Down Dinner

my homemade pizza dough

I had the bright idea to make homemade chicken pineapple pizza today. Everything was going as planned, the dough came out fine. I have made sticky globs before, but not today. I formed two pizzas on each tray, like always. I added the sauce, spice, leftover chicken breast, green peppers, and pineapple chunks. It was looking good. Each person has their own toppings. Mine was the only chicken pineapple. Both trays went in the oven, and my mother’s and son’s pizza came out first. They do not like their cheese browned. My mother in her overprotective attempt at not letting me get burned, proceeded to put my tray of goodness back in the oven. She was tired from helping her friend today. Instead of lowering the tray down flat, she angled it down. I watched helplessly as my pizza moved all in one motion, slide down the angled tray, flip over upside down onto the hot oven grates, spilling the toppings all over the not pristine clean bottom of the oven. It was not a total loss. I grabbed a spatula and flipped what was left back onto a tray. I had pizza crust with sauce, and a few chunks of chicken for dinner. Lesson learned make each pizza on an individual tray and don’t let tired cooks near the oven.

One thought on “Upside Down Dinner

  1. If your dough is sticky globs then you’ve added too much water. The amount of water in a recipe for dough is a guideline. Always put in about 1/4 cup less than stated at first. Only add more if it is too dry. Dough recipes can’t be hard and fast on the flour/water ratio as it depends upon the humidity of the room at the time of mixing and also the humidity of the flour. Plus, if you measure out cups of flour rather than by weight, you’re bound to end up having slightly different amounts of flour every single time (as its density isn’t consistent).

    Tired cooking is always a dangerous affair.

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