Figure Skating Outfits

Someday I hope to own a weeks worth of sequined, intricately cut out designed skating dresses. I may or may not wear them skating, but will wear them for fun. We only have a few television channels. Most have football all weekend, can’t get into it. For awhile today, I watched figure skating. It was ok. The outfits were exceptional. They need to get rid of the advertising around the rink, and make it a more elegant setting. They need twinkling lights, and a better sound system. I was actually cringing at one song, and I am not usually too discerning.

I did nothing to improve my life or make myself feel better this weekend. I actually threw myself into a deeper depression. My car, now my greatest expense (not counting medical), sits idle covered with icy snow in the driveway. It has been that way for two days.  The holiday decorating, which I usually enjoy, turned tortuous. I hope to live to next years holiday time so I can have my own decorations, in my own home. I strive to live with my own dysfunction, I have had enough of everyone else.

I long for a glass of wine and relaxation.